Android Apps That Pay You Real Money And Cash (Part – I)

By | August 6, 2017

Earn Money With Android Apps

Earn Money With These Android Apps

Do you know that you can earn real cash and rewards from using certain Android apps? Yes, you could earn cash or rewards by using certain Android apps.

Today we’re going to talk about android apps that will actually pay you for using them regularly, doing things you already do – shopping, playing games, watching movie trailers, videos, etc.

When you look at your phone, you probably think about spending money rather than making it. Thankfully there are plenty of apps to be found in the Google Play Store which can help you recoup some of the costs.  Earn money apps are now more popular than get paid to sites as you can earn money while on the go.

This is how you earn real money from using apps(In this Part-I I have included only Android apps. In Part-II I will include only IOS apps). I’ve avoided ones that seem to be attracting a lot of problems and shield away from apps that require you to endlessly watch video ads or fill out long surveys to earn cash. Check out our list of #8 best ways to make money with an android phone that you didn’t know. Try out the apps you feel will be suitable for you and start earning.


here #1 Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

From the company which owns the Android operating system, comes an amazing app called Google Opinion Rewards available only for Android.

The app gives you Google Play reward points but no cash, which you can redeem only on Google services like downloading Android Apps, Music, Movies, Books,  etc. from the Play Store.

Once you install and sign up, Google gives you few 20-30 surveys every week to complete. You need to give your opinions and reviews about the products, which in turn will be given to the companies for insights. Credits vary from few 0.1 cents to 2 dollars. But the main point to note is this service is from Google whom you can trust and try with your eyes closed.

Download: Google Opinion Rewards

buy cheap isotretinoin uk #2 Earn Money – Highest Paying App

Earn MoneyEarn Money app is easily the most respected earn money apps. There are literally loads of ways that you can earn money with this app including free offers, registering to paid websites, downloading free apps and answering surveys.

There are a lot of offers updated daily meaning there are various ways for you to earn cash online. Earn Money – this highest paying app pays $0.25 per referral so if you have a good network of friends, then you can earn good money with this app.

PayPal is the only reward. However, you get paid within 24 hours of cashing out. The 4.4-star rating suggests this is one of the most reliable apps on the Android store at the moment.

Download: Earn Money – Highest Paying App


here #3 CashPirate – Make & Earn Money

CashPirateCashPirate is one of my favorite apps. It has been consistently in the top 5 with a 4.5-star rating in past years. However, the app and its payouts remain reliable. At the start of 2016 Users were earning $15-50 per month and this still remains the case.

With this app, you can earn PayPal cash, Bitcoins and Amazon vouchers. The minimum payout is $2.50 PayPal cash.

Points are earned in this app by downloading new apps and completing offers. You earn by watching videos but the number of videos available for you to watch is now limited. The referral program is probably the best of all apps as you get 10% of your referrals earnings and 5% of the referrals’ referrals earnings.

The reason it remains on our list is the fact that CashPirate does pay on time when you request. We have never had any bother regarding payments from CashPirate.

Download: CashPirate – Make & Earn Money

#4 MintCoins – Earn Money

Earn Free Cash or Make MoneyMintCoins is consistently considered by us as a good reliable app. Rather than store credit, MintCoins gives you the opportunity to earn cold, hard cash. You can gain virtual coins by downloading free apps, watching videos, registering with websites, completing surveys and referring friends to do the same.

As soon as your balance hits $1, you’re free to withdraw your earnings to a PayPal account, or you can wait and let it build up for longer if you like.

MintCoins is well worth a try if you are looking to make money and pass the time.

Download: MintCoins


#5 Pact – Earn Cash for Exercising

Earn Cash for ExercisingPact is one of the more unusual money-making apps in the list in that it focuses on getting you to stick to your exercise regime. You sign up to the commitment you’re comfortable with (based on food intake, how often you plan to work out, etc.) You get rewards for sticking to your new regime – somewhere in the region of 2$ per goal – which comes from other users who have failed.This is all tied together in a swish app that links with your fitness tracker for accurate results and authentication.

Pact’s proven incentives have helped its members hit over 95% of their goals, resulting in over 20 million healthy activities.

The only downside is it could end up costing you your earned whole heap of money if you don’t stick to your goals.

Download: Pact: Earn Cash for Exercising

#6 InboxDollars

InboxDollarsInboxDollars pays you small amounts of cash to take surveys(which are emailed to you), browse the internet and play games. Once you hit $30 you can cash out.

InboxDollars rewards you for taking part in Advertisers’ market research. It’s all fairly straightforward and you’re told how long each survey will take to complete. So you’re not stuck endlessly answering questions for $1.

So far InboxDollars has paid over $35 million to its members.

Download: InboxDollars


#7 Iconzoomer

IconzoomerThis is an interesting app where you need to take photos of food and fashion products and trends.

All you need to do is take photos according to your assignment. It could be what you are eating for lunch, what you are drinking or the shoes you are wearing.

You earn money for each photo. You then write a comment about your snapshot. This allows you to provide feedback to the manufacturer.

Every picture you take earns five to ten credits and you can redeem once you have 200 credits. Currently, 200 credits are equivalent to $10 in PayPal or $10 to Amazon. Iconzoomer pays out redemptions once a month.

Download: Iconzoomer

#8 Foap – sell your photos

FoapHave you thought about making money with your photos? Foap allows the users to upload photos by following all required parameters, and put them for sale.

So all you need to do is upload your photos and sell them through the Foap market. Each shot costs $10 to buy. Creators get half of each sale, and the cash can then be transferred into your bank account.

What makes Foap attractive is its simplicity and ability to upload shots directly from your phone and from other photography apps like Instagram, Flickr, and EyeEm.

Download: Foap – sell your photos


Have you discovered any other apps that can be used to earn money? What do you think is the best Android apps for making genuine money? Tell us in the comments.





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